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I used to have a really bloated stomach – here’s how I cured it May 17, 2012

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I discovered 2 years ago that my condition was called distended stomach. This is caused usually by a patient having not enough dietry fiber in their diet. It can also be caused by inflammation.

Anyway I used to have a painful bloated stomach and often used to lie in bed at night holding my tummy and pressing to try and find out where it hurt the most. When I worked with my personal coach, I wrote down how I should be feeling – a goal which I really wanted to achieve.

I met David Ingham who gave me a bottle of the Aseye Juice – it was the only bottle in the UK at the time. It was MonaVie brand. I took it home and tried it. After my first bottle I felt great and then over the course of the next 6 weeks I started to notice some really great changes.

My stomach had flattened and my bowels were moving more comfortably. I now have no stomach pain and a fairly flat tummy. My friends and family started noticing the difference and they now drink it too.

If you search for “Aseye Berry” on the internet, you will find many people to get it from. It’s usually picked, and freze dried before bottling and sending straight to your door.

Capitalist Philanthropy and Richard Branson May 26, 2011

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In Richard Branson’s TED talk about his business at 30,000 feet book, there’s mention of doing good in the world.

Wind on to 22:55 of this video to see what Sir Richard is on about.


Essentially creating extreme wealth and having that wealth in the hands of a few people competing against each other for the best boat or car is not the way forward.

That’s why we are giving back to help the homeless with our business and giving over 50% of our revenues to our workers.

Our company is also helping people with neck pain back pain and arthritis through nutrition.